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Sam Hoiland is an LA narrative film director originally hailing from Portland, Oregon. His films have shown at festivals in over 30 cities including the academy award qualifying Palm Springs ShortFest and Atlanta Film Festival. In 2019 his short “R&Rx” took Best Sci-Fi Film award at the Oregon Independent Film Festival.


Kenzen Takahashi is an up-and-coming cinematographer who has spent the last three years refining his lighting skills on productions such as The Matrix 4, and Netflix's 13 Reasons Why. He was recently invited to be a guest cinematographer at Sony's digital event Rewrite The Future.

Sam 2.jpg

Jillian Nordby is an LA based producer with roots in the Bay Area. She has worked under show-runners and producers on shows like Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and Sony’s Venom 2. She’s currently focusing on getting her production company, Door30Three, up and running so she can produce more narrative and creative works.

 Writer & Director

Sam Hoiland

Kenzen Takahashi

 Director of Photography

Jillian Nordby


Sierra Oleson started in film as background on Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. She worked her way up, her progression spanning the entire run-of-show and by season 4 she had secured the role of production secretary. Sierra has since worked on several big name productions and has recently moved on to producing independent projects.

Sierra Oleson

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Omid Matthew is a Bay Area native who began his pursuits in film at SFSU, with a BA in cinema studies. Since graduating he has risen through the ranks, in his words, “[From] second-rate true crime reenactment television to critically acclaimed feature films, to third-rate true crime reenactment television” he’s run the gamut. He has worked under an eclectic array of designers and now Omid himself is a working production designer in the industry.

Omid Matthew

Production Designer

Marcus Champion has worked on several major productions including 13 Reasons Why and The Last Black Man in San Francisco, along with independent projects such as the Oregon Independent Film Festival's Best Sci-Fi Film award winner, “R & Rx”.

Key Grip

Marcus Champion

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